Welcome to the website of Dragnet Credit and Tenant Screening, Inc. We provide tenant and employment screening as well as the required background reports for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Construction Licensing Board (DBPR) to the Florida community. Dragnet is also able to provide credit reports to applicants who are approved by the credit agencies.

There really are two different kind of tenant screening. When you hear things like National Criminal Database Search, or National Eviction Search, you should always question what does “National” mean. Well of course there are 50 states in the United States, which would lead you to think that National would include all 50 States being searched for your potential tenant. At this point in time, most if not all of the 50 States are being searched, but what you need to look at is the makeup of the States. In Florida, there are 67 counties that make up the entire State of Florida. Lets say that you have Volusia, Flagler, and Orange County, and only 2 of those Counties have databases that are digitally shared, with Volusia not having access. Well, a National screening of an applicant would not review the Volusia County records and thus would miss any criminal or eviction charges against that potential tenant.

That is why Dragnet offers two different services. Our first product is what we have been doing for over 11 years, and that is having an actual professional review each tenant application and put a comprehensive report together. That allows the person compiling the report to look for any discrepancies, as well as go County by County making sure that the applicant does not have records missing from a “National” search, as well as being able to account for any alias names, and fake information, such as social security numbers and drivers licenses.

Our newer screening product is our online access. It provides the same level as coverage as all the other online providers, and offers instant access to the reports. Many clients are satisfied with the results, and in many cases they do catch items that need to be brought to the landlord or property managers attention. By having the ability to provide and instant online solution, as well as a more in depth alternative, Dragnet is able to provide a greater security screening process for landlords that most providers cannot. Unlike other providers, we do not charge extra for emailing or faxing an application in, or even providing the reports back to the client in the same manner.

While there are more and more of these counties going digital with their databases, the fact remains that there are still holes on a “National” coverage.

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