Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Dragnet Credit provides full background screening for your potential tenants. In today’s environment, it is not only important to make sure that your future tenant does not have a violent criminal history, but also that they do not have red flags that could indicate possible them being an eviction risks. It is not only important to protect yourself and your property, but also your surrounding neighbors. Dragnet can help you weed out tenants who can become potential liabilities.

The following checks are included in our standard tenant screening package:

  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Eviction Search  (specifically for Florida, consists of checking counties where applicant has resided)
  • Address Trace
  • National Sexual Offender
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • Basic Florida Incarceration Records
  • Florida County Criminal & Arrest Records
  • Out of State Criminal Check
By screening a tenant with the above checks, a landlord can reduce the risk of a renting to a problem tenant. While items such as prior evictions and felony drug convictions are obvious red flags for potential tenants, items such as a suspended license or repeat domestic violence also can lead to at tenant becoming a problem for a landlord. Minor criminal charges such as a suspended license or being on probation can lead to a future tenant being incarcerated which leads the inability to work while incarcerated and potentially not being able to pay rent. A history of repeated civil domestic violence cases (even if the potential tenant is the plaintiff) can lead to a greater chances of law enforcement repeatedly arriving at your rental property, something that never makes the neighbors happy.

Credit Reports

Due to Fair Credit Laws, all End Users (businesses and landlords getting consumer credit reports) must have a physical inspection by an agency that is approved by all three Credit Agencies in order to receive credit reports.  There is a one-time inspection fee of $75.00, and the End User must pass the physical inspection before credit reports can be provided.